This week is National Cancer Week. Stay tuned as I give out Health tips about Cancer thruout the week.

—Cancer is a public health problem world-wide affecting all categories of persons.

—It is the second common cause of death in developed countries and among the three leading causes of death in developing countries.

Research has shown that  cancer kills at least 10 Nigerians every hour. More than 40 per cent of cancer occurs in women.

The Five most common cancers in Nigeria in descending order of frequency are

  1. Breast
  2. —cervix,
  3. —prostate,
  4. —colorectal and
  5. —liver cancer

NCW-LOGOMost of the cancer deaths are preventable given early detection. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure. Niigerians should be cautioned against the consumption of junk foods, as some could be  carcinogenic. Sedentary lifestyle should also be be avoided. Civilization is also responsible for the rising incidence of cancer, as lifestyle has changed for the worse. People should watch their lifestyle and effect changes (modification) to reduce the disease.

During this week which is National Cancer week, I  will enlighten us more on each one of this cancers mentioned above.